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Be in the Know: Keratin Hair Treatments and Their Benefits

March 28, 2019

Summer is right around the corner, which means so is the problem of frizzy hair. The seasonal humidity can leave you fighting for smoother, frizz-free hair. To combat this, many turn to keratin treatments for perfect hair year-round, and for good reason. Hair naturally has keratin in it, but outdoor conditions, hair styling, chemicals and products can strip it of all those good natural proteins. A keratin treatment rebuilds those damaged areas by putting the protein back into the hair. This will boost shine, decrease frizz, fight breakage, stop tangles and even make the whole styling process easier. Read on to learn more about keratin treatments and other natural hair products in Branford, CT!

How does keratin work?

A stylist will first shampoo the hair and then blow dry it until it’s about 80 percent dry. Then, the keratin treatment will be applied directly onto the hair in small sections before it’s left to process for about 15 minutes. The stylist will use a flat iron to seal in the keratin. They will finish off the process by rinsing the hair again and applying a keratin sealing serum before styling the hair. This process can take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the hair’s length, texture and style.

How is it maintained?

Plan to not wash your hair for at least 48 hours to get the most out of a keratin treatment. You’ll likely need to clean up your hair care routine, too. This means eliminating any sodium sulfate shampoos that could counteract the effects of the treatment. Unfortunately, you’ll also have to skip any dips in the ocean and pool for a while, as the chlorine and salt water can affect the longevity of the treatment. Your stylist can help you switch to natural hair products in Branford, CT. A keratin treatment can last for at least two months with the right maintenance.

What are the benefits?

A keratin treatment can simplify your hair routine. If you usually wear your hair straight, a keratin treatment could shorten your blow drying and straightening time by about 60 percent. Plus, the hair will be immune to frizz, even on the most humid days. Making the switch to regular keratin treatments is actually healthier for your hair. Daily use of a flat iron can do some serious damage. The single dose of high heat used in a keratin treatment is well worth it, as it eliminates the daily exposure to the hair straightener and chemical products.

Steer clear of bargain-basement treatments

This is one situation where you really get what you pay for. A “bargain” at-home treatment likely won’t last as long and could even permanently damage your hair. Instead, opt for a visit to a skilled hair stylist for the best results. They will be able to perform the treatment without causing any damage to your hair. Plus, they’ll be able to recommend the best follow-up routine with natural hair products in Branford, CT.

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