Looking to Try a New Haircut in Branford, CT? Try These Trending Men’s Haircut Necklines

March 28, 2019

Have you been wearing your hair the same way for years? It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with haircuts in Branford, CT. For men, it can be especially difficult. After all, there are only so many ways one can style his hair, right?

Wrong! New trending men’s haircut necklines are opening up new possibilities. Interested in exploring them? Here’s the scoop.

Necklines of Yesterday

In the past, men’s haircuts in Branford, CT typically followed one of two patterns when it came to the neckline: the stylist either rounded it or shaped it into a square. This looked nice and provided a neat finish, but it didn’t offer many options for creativity or new styles.

Necklines of Today

Today, neckline hair designs are gaining popularity. From subtle to bold, these styles are changing the shape of men’s haircuts—literally!

Fade haircuts are one option to change up the look of the neckline a bit. These can create a low, medium or high neckline. The cut tapers away to fade into the neckline, for a less dramatic and defined end to the neckline. As the name implies, the cut simply fades out.

Even more bold than this fade style is the neckline design. What design would you like? The options are nearly limitless. Bold is in, so go for it! Taper it into a V shape. Cut a slash into the side. Choose a jagged edge. Create a look that matches your personality and is uniquely you.

Necklines of Tomorrow

As this trend for haircuts in Branford, CT catches on, the design options continue to grow. From swirls, to slashes, to edged designs, styles of tomorrow are offering far more than a simple rounded shave. Cool, trendy necklines are being seen more and more among men of all ages. While some may stick with a traditional haircut in Branford, CT, it’s likely most necklines of tomorrow will look much different than those of yesteryear.

Neckline Experts

How can you know what neckline suits your style? Consult with an expert. Your local stylist who specializes in haircuts in Branford, CT can help. The stylist can show you some of the latest design trends and recommend what would work well with your hair length, color and texture. Why not try something new? It could be fun. Plus, if you decide a style isn’t right for you, you can try something different in a few weeks once it has grown out. Get out of your rut and go stylish!

Trending Now

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