Qualities to Look for in a Hair Stylist in Branford, CT

April 27, 2019

Are you on the lookout for a new hair stylist in Branford, CT? It can be a little overwhelming researching your options, especially if you’re new to the area and have had someone else doing your hair for a long time before arriving here.

All stylists are going to have their own skills and creative flair, but there are certain traits you should look for in any stylist so you can be fully comfortable paying for their services. Here are just a few examples of some of the qualities you should look for in a hair stylist.

  • Great listener: A great stylist needs to be able to listen to their clients—not just in terms of keeping up great conversation while the customer is in the chair, but also in terms of listening to what it is they want for their hair style. All stylists should be able to communicate with their clients clearly about what exactly they’re looking for, so they can be sure they’re on the same page before they pick up the shears.
  • Honesty: There’s the common saying “the customer is always right,” but this isn’t necessarily an advisable way to do business, especially in the hair care industry. Occasionally, a stylist will have a guest come in and request a look or style that simply will not work for them. It’s important for that stylist to be able to tactfully suggest a different style that might work better without hurting the feelings of the client. You should seek out stylists who are very visually attuned with the type of style that would look great on you and who has a willingness to be honest if they think you’re making a bad decision.
  • Skills: Obviously, you’re going to want a stylist who is technically skilled in the art of hairstyling. Just because a stylist is honest and a great listener doesn’t mean they’re actually going to be good at styling your hair. They should have plenty of styling experience and should have gone through beauty and styling school. You can ask for references or credentials if you want—any professional stylist should be happy to give them to you.
  • Executing a vision: This is part of creativity, but the ability to see the vision that a guest has for their hairstyle and then execute it is something that not all stylists have, or at least not equally. It’s important to choose a stylist that is as capable of visualizing as they are executing great hairstyles.
  • Flexibility: Professional stylists should be able to adapt to new trends and tools that come along in the industry and should be flexible enough to work with different kinds of hair and different clients’ wishes.

The stylists at Bellissima Capelli Organic Salon meet all these expectations and more! For more information about the qualities you should prioritize as you search for a new hair stylist in Branford, CT, we encourage you to contact us today. You’re welcome to come in and meet our stylists to find one who will meet your needs.

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