The FAQ on Keratin Hair Treatments in Branford, CT

May 29, 2019

Are keratin hair treatments in Branford, CT right for you? If you’re considering changing the style of your hair, you may be weighing your keratin treatment options. As you decide how straight, wavy, short or long you want your hair to be, it’s important to know exactly what your options are.

Many people mix up the various keratin hair treatments in Branford, CT and don’t end up with the hair they thought they would. Use the following FAQ to educate yourself on these processes and make an informed decision for your next hair style.

Is a keratin treatment the same as a Brazilian blowout?

There are different keratin treatments, and they don’t all deliver the same results. A traditional keratin treatment is also called a Brazilian blowout. This method straightens your hair. Smoothing treatments, which also use keratin, simply de-frizz the hair and add shine without affecting its texture.

If you want to make your hair flat-iron straight, choose a Brazilian blowout. If you want to reduce frizz, choose a smoothing treatment.

How does keratin treatment work?

While all hair-smoothing treatments use keratin, the other ingredients that are combined with this protein are what generate the various results. If you get a traditional keratin treatment to straighten your hair, this typically involves the use of a formaldehyde-releasing solution. The stylist applies this to the hair for 20 minutes and it coats the hair to straighten it.

If you get a smoothing treatment, the solution is typically formaldehyde-free and is applied in a similar fashion; however, the solution permeates the hair rather than coats it.

How long does a keratin treatment last?

Keratin hair treatments in Branford, CT typically take away the frizz and straighten your hair for up to three months. Smoothing treatments usually last between four and six months.

Is formaldehyde safe?

Formaldehyde treatments are not organic or natural. The chemicals used may or may not be FDA-approved. Formaldehyde itself is a carcinogen and may cause respiratory problems if a person is frequently exposed to it. If you choose keratin treatments in Branford, CT that involve this chemical, be sure to do so in a well-ventilated salon or outdoors.

Keep in mind that some products may be formaldehyde-free but contain chemicals that produce this gas. When certain chemicals are exposed to heat, they release formaldehyde.

Will keratin hair treatment in Branford, CT damage my hair?

If you get keratin hair treatment in Branford, CT, your hair color may change slightly. The products used in this process are designed to remove residue from hair, which may also remove some of the color if your hair is dyed. The change is typically minimal, altering it less than one shade.

Additionally, after you complete a keratin treatment, you’ll be limited in hair options for three days. You can’t clip it, put it in a ponytail or wash it, or you’ll risk damaging your hair and undoing the treatment.

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