Hair Color and Treatment in Branford, CT

Whether you’re looking to go a few shades darker, want highlights to accent your new style or are completely switching up your hair color, Bellissima Capelli Organic Salon is ready to make sure you’re getting the very best results. We’re experts on helping you choose the right hair color in Branford, CT and use products that retain their pigment, while remaining safe for your hair and scalp.

Organic Outline Color (Hairline & Part)$45+
Face Frame Organic Color$56+
Free Form Organic Balayage$161+
Full Foil Organic Highlights or Lowlights$136+
Half Organic Highlights or Lowlights$76+
Organic Color Glaze$45+

Color Retouching

If you’ve had your hair colored previously, your roots will begin to show after the style grows out. As soon as those roots begin to show, schedule an appointment with our salon! We’ll retouch your coloring with precision, renewing the overall appeal of the style so your hair always looks like you just came from the salon!

Retouch w/ Blow Out$86+
Retouch w/ Haircut$91+
Retouch w/ Haircut & Blow Out$95+

hair color

Organic Coloring Products

Unlike other salons that use harsh chemicals and dyes to color hair, we believe in taking a non-invasive approach to giving you the pigment you desire. We use organic coloring products that are safe hair, leaving it not only beautifully colored, but also shinier and healthier feeling after we’re done. Plus, you’ll get better color depth, longer-lasting color and a more precise pigment. We guarantee the health and color of your hair!

Keratin Treatments

If you’ve been dying your hair for years, your follicles may be damaged from constant exposure to harsh chemicals and irritants in traditional hair dyes. Your hair needs to be rejuvenated! We offer a keratin hair treatment in Branford, CT dedicated to reinvigorating your hair and restoring its strength. If your hair feels brittle or dehydrated ask us about our restorative keratin treatment.

Get the Color You Want

Looking to lighten your hair color? Need to refresh your roots? No matter the style or color you want, you’ll find it at Bellissima Capelli Organic Salon! Contact us today by calling (203) 208-2691 to set up a coloring appointment and let us introduce you to quality products and treatments that deliver vibrant color with staying power.